VCH provides several award opportunities thanks to the generous support of various organizations. We encourage you to look through each award and determine your eligibility to apply. This information is updated frequently so please check back often.

All Sites/Communities of Care

Robert H.N. Ho Bursaries and Scholarships

The Robert H. N. Ho Bursaries and Scholarships form one component of the Robert H. N. Ho Enhancing Patient Care Program. With the goal of improving care, this bursary and scholarship program fosters a culture of quality, learning & commitment by supporting education, professional development, and lifelong learning for VCH nurses and allied health professionals. Check back in early summer 2019 for information and forms regarding our 2019-20 scholarship and bursary opportunities!

BCNU Education Funding

Up to $3000 available from the BCNU Member’s Education Bursary. Click Here for Details on this and other funding available to BCNU members. Two deadlines annually: September 15th and April 15th

FBA Education Fund

The FBA Education Fund is a health care education and training fund managed by the unions in the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA). The fund provides skills upgrading and career mobility opportunities for union members covered by the Facilities Subsector Collective Agreement. The application and selection process is overseen by union members and staff. Click Here for Details!

Medical Imaging Education Fund

Educational Funding for MI staff will be granted based on available resources. For complete guidelines and forms, Click Here for Details! (accessible from VCH computers only) 

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation – Building Brighter Futures

Financial assistance is available to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis post secondary students across Canada in Health sciences such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, biology, chemistry, clinical psychology, physiotherapy, pharmacy, laboratory research and any other health field in which a study of hard sciences is a prerequisite. Click Here for Details!

Adult Basic Education Assistance Program (ABESAP)

The Ministry of Advanced Education has funding available for adult learners taking ESL, adult basic education, or adult special education. Click Here for Details!


VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation Nursing Awards (available annually)

Awards are available annually for Vancouver RPNs, LPNs, and Care Aides. For more info, click here to see the Professional Practice site (accessible from VCH computers only). Information also available on the Bonnie Cart Leadership Awards.

Allied Health Professionals at VGH and UBC

The Rix Family Endowment Fund Bursary – Click here for details! Next deadline: December 1st, annually

North Shore Sites

LGH Nurses Education Fund Association

LGH Nurses (RNs/LPNs) can become members of the LGH Nurses Education Fund Association by contributing just $1 per paycheque. After 1 year, members can request up to $300 per year for nursing-related education. Click here for details! (accessible from VCH computers only)

Funds or Grants for All Employees

The LGH Foundation has funding available via the North Shore Education Grants. Employees working at publicly funded hospitals on the North Shore may also be eligible.

Richmond Sites

Kronier Family Education Fund

The Kronier Family Education Fund supports staff learning and education initiatives that can demonstrably strengthen clinical practice or improve patient, client, or resident care. Funding is available to staff, leaders, and medical staff who provide care, or some aspect of care, in Richmond. Click here for more information!


Click here to download a list of other funding sources outside of VCH.