The Experienced Resource Nurse (ERN) Team is:

  • A staffing model (for designated units at RH, VGH/UBC and LGH) of float nurses who provide nursing care and staff support through mentorship and coaching.
  • A resource of experienced staff for the in scope practice areas.
  • A professional development and career progression opportunity for eligible nurses.
  • An ERN is a nursing leadership role (Level 4) at the point of care in specific practice areas in med and surgical units at LGH and RH and in Mental Health Units at VGH and UBC.

Clinical Education partners within scope units to coordinate the ERN orientation program, and facilitate ongoing professional development for ERNs. Approximately 5% of ERN shifts are allocated to mentoring new graduate nurses. Clinical Education staff support ERNs to increase their mentorship skills and assist both the ERN and New Grad in developing purposeful learning plans for mentorship shifts.

To be an ERN you will need:

  • 5 years or more of relevant experience
  • Desire to transition to a formal leadership/mentorship position while continuing to provide direct patient care
  • Enjoy variety in your work and the opportunity to support and mentor other members of the health care team

For more information, see the VCH Recruitment Page: Experienced Resource Team

What to expect when you become an ERN:

  • paid at a higher job classification (Level 4)
  • have regular extended hour rotations
  • deployment to designated units within their clinical practice environment for relief staffing
  • provide direct care, mentorship and support to less experienced nurses, new grads, and other team members
  • receive additional orientation/training and ongoing education
  • have preplanned supernumerary mentoring shifts