VCH Orientation provides new employees with a warm welcome to the organization, their workplace, and position. Helping to develop the best workforce, Orientation establishes a positive and inspiring sense of employee culture, provides information necessary to begin your career at VCH, and facilitates a connection to resources.  We emphasize the employee’s valuable contribution to achieving our quality health care delivery and patient safety objectives.


Some key objectives of Regional Orientation Online are to:

  • Describe the organizational culture
  • Identify key organizational policies related to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Identify key organizational processes and programs available at VCH related to patient safety and staff safety
  • Identify WHMIS symbols and describe their role related to the use of hazardous materials
  • Describe the importance of infection control
  • Know the basic principles related to Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention
  • Describe respectful work environment, recognize aggressive behavior and identify key steps to prevent and manage aggressive behavior (Basic)

The online format means new hires receive their regional orientation material in a timely manner rather than having to wait for a once monthly face-to-face-session. This ensures that Vancouver Coastal Health is in compliance with Work Safe BC regulations that require new employees are “given a health and safety orientation and training specific to their workplace”.

Program Eligibility

All new hires.

How to Apply

Go to Course (requires LearningHub log in)

Additional Resources

Regional Orientation involves classroom-based learning building on the basic information provided in Regional Orientation Online. This portion of VCH orientation aims at providing essential knowledge required to prepare new employees for specific duties within their role and for helping employees understand their role within the broader context of the organization towards patient-centered care.

For eligibility, registration and curriculum information, click below:

Regional Orientation

This training is provided as per job requirements and may not be applicable to all new hires.

Program Eligibility

All new hires (as applicable)

How to Register

Contact your manager to assess your need for this training.

Upcoming Courses (must be on VCH network to access)

Additional Resources

The purpose of this orientation is to familiarize new hires with their work area and their role expectations. Content covered at this stage is based on the individual new hire’s learning needs and also includes orientation to the physical set up, work environment, culture and safety systems at the unit/department level.

You can complete the New Hire Checklist when you arrive on your unit/department. The checklist contains links to the relevant online resources for those sections, as well as indicates the components of the physical tour that need to be reviewed. Each new staff member and their immediate supervisor are required to complete this Orientation Checklist before working independently in the area.

Visit the Workplace Health page for more information.

Program Eligibility

All new hires (as applicable).

How to Register

Please contact your manager, educator or practice lead.