Please be advised that during orientation, new employees are able to park in designated areas at the reduced staff rate. They must receive a temporary parking pass from a Clinical Education Assistant the day of Meet and Greet.

Photo ID

All applicants must show a government-issued photo ID such as driver’s license, BCID, passport or permanent resident’s card to authenticate identity. Employees of a health authority must bring employee ID #.

How to get a new ID

  1. Take a photo
    • You can see security and they will take a photo with your phone or they will email you a photo. For a list of photo ID locations, click here (must be on a VCH network to access).
    • You can take your own photo by following the Self Pic Cheat Sheet.
  2. Fill in the eForm (must be on a VCH network to access)
    • You will need your manager or an approving designated email.
    • Your photo must be attached.
  3. Your ID will be mailed to you to your address of choice.

For information on photo ID, please follow this link to the VCH Photo ID Application Procedures Site (must be on a VCH network to access) or to VCH Photo ID – Access and Renewal.

Med Cart Access (LGH)

Once you have obtained your VCH employee ID you are able to request access to the medications carts. Nursing students will require use of the med carts but will not be granted access to narcotics. Please email with the following information:

Full Name
Managers name
Employee ID number
RFID number – first 6 digit number found on the back of your ID card

For security reasons, it is best to send your request via your VCH email. Narcotic pin numbers will only be released to VCH email accounts. If you do not have access to VCH email, your manager will be given the pin number on your behalf.