How do I know which Regional Orientation (RO) sessions I am expected to attend?

If pre-registered for RO, a personalized schedule will have been emailed to you from VCHorientation@vch.ca, your manager, educator, or hiring associate. Please follow this schedule for your orientation. If you did not receive a schedule, please call/email your manager or educator to confirm attendance expectations, or speak with a Clinical Education Assistant (CEA) for assistance.

Generally, if you are ‘non-clinical’ staff (corporate, administrative, etc.), then you are only required to attend the ‘Welcome to VCH’ session which runs from 0800 – 1045 on DAY 1 of RO. For all ‘clinical’ staff, we recommend contacting your Manager/Educator – or asking a CEA present for assistance, as your schedule will vary depending on discipline, job title, work location, etc.

Who is required to attend Regional Orientation (RO)?

Regional Orientation is for all new VCH employees, this includes:

  1. All new hires (please note, students are not eligible to attend)
  2. Any VCH employee who has been away from work for greater than 18 months
  3. Any VCH employee who is changing positions and requires specific sessions applicable to their new role (e.g. moving from a non-clinical role to a clinical role OR from student nurse to registered nurse)

What if I cannot attend a Regional Orientation (RO) Session?

If you are unable to attend one or more sessions of RO, please email VCHorientation@vch.ca and inform your manager to let them know. Depending on circumstances, and the rest of your onboarding schedule, you may have to do a “make-up” session at your worksite or at an alternate site.

Do I need to sign in for each Regional Orientation (RO) session I attend?

Yes, you are responsible for signing-in for each session you attend. The CEA will provide the applicable sign-in sheet before/during each session. These sign-in sheets are used to record your training history in CCRS. If you’re unsure you signed-in for a session attended, please check with one of the CEAs present to confirm.

How do I get paid for the time I spend at Regional Orientation (RO)?

You must sign-in with your unit (flow sheet) or department each day that you attend Regional Orientation (with the exception of excluded staff). If your unit/department is not on site, we recommend you call or email your educator, manager or office administrator to confirm your attendance.

How do I get paid for the time I spend on Regional Orientation Online (ROO)?

Upon completion of the Regional Orientation Online course and the required Violence Prevention Modules, a completion report will be sent to Payroll and processed within 2 weeks. You will then be paid for 4 hour straight time on your next pay for completing the Regional Orientation Online courses. Please contact learnwithus@vch.ca if you do not receive payment within 2 weeks of ROO course completion.