Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) funds 100% of wages, tuition, and books for all candidates who are successful in their application for a Regional Perioperative Education Program (RPEP) training opportunity.

The RPEP is a fulltime program for nurses.  It is a comprehensive blended educational program that combines:

  • A standardized, evidence-based online curriculum
  • Textbook readings
  • Hands on skills labs and simulation
  • Clinical preceptorship.

The RPEP has two components: Core and Preceptorship

  • CORE: 7 weeks of full-time educator-facilitated studies
    • Classroom and Clinical Practice
      • Completion of AORN Periop 101™ Modules
      • Skills Labs
      • Simulations
      • Clinical Practice
    • PRECEPTORSHIP: 9 – 17 weeks of full-time educator-supported preceptorship
      • Clinical Preceptorship
        • Students are matched with preceptor(s) and are required to work their preceptors’ shifts for the duration of clinical preceptorship
        • Students and preceptors connect with RPEP educators to find optimal learning experiences, consolidate knowledge/practice, and engage in formative assessments/summative evaluations


The RPEP relies heavily on the tenets of constructivism and adult learning theory, and also combines elements of the following educational theories: behaviorism, cognitivism, social cognitive theory, humanism. The constructivist view on the process of learning maintains that learning is a process of meaning-making or knowledge-building in which learners integrate new knowledge into a pre-existing network of understanding.

The aim of the RPEP is to provide a safe, supportive and engaging learning/learner-centered environment, where students feel comfortable to ask questions and access resources. A learner/learning-centered focus means that power in the classroom is shared between teachers and students; teachers become coaches or facilitators and actively engage the learner; and students assume responsibility for their learning, i.e., actively engaged participants who are self-directed.

Candidate Criteria

  • Registered nurse with practicing BCCNP (British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals) registration
  • Current acute care experience
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Committed to completing a comprehensive and challenging blended-delivery educational program (includes independent study—outside of classroom time, online modules, skills labs/simulation and clinical practice)
  • Committed to practicing based on the standards established by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC), Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC) and the Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics.
  • Committed to working a minimum of eighteen months post graduation at Vancouver Coastal Health in order to consolidate perioperative skills and knowledge.
  • Able to travel to various classroom and clinical sites around VCH as predetermined by the RPEP Weekly Sequence Schedule (Note: CORE is generally held at the VGH Campus)

Other Requirements:

  • Self-motivated
  • Computer-literate
  • Able to self-reflect on their own educational needs/learning styles
  • Able to engage in thoughtful dialogue