Student Practice Education provides a broad scope of specialized training and education, in collaboration with our academic partners – for students and practitioners from all healthcare disciplines.

What we do:

  • Evaluate student practice experiences at VCH
  • Establish and harmonize corporate policies, processes, guidelines, and tools
  • Provide consultative services to all categories of staff on student practice education issues
  • Coordinate student practice education experiences throughout VCH
  • Liaise with academic and agency partners to improve student practice education in VCH
  • Assist in improving the capacity for student practice education experience
  • Coordinate and support new initiatives with partner educational institutions and agencies
  • Maintain and support the Health Sciences Placement Network (HSPnet) database.

Our Services:

  • Act as triage for inquiries and request
  • Facilitate placements by ensuring all documentation is completed
  • Coordinate and store affiliation agreements, HSPnet contents, confidentiality acknowledgments and orientation checklists
  • Generate practice education reports
  • Contact schools when communicable exposure has occurred
  • Support for HSPnet users within VCH

The Student Placement website includes information about VCH requirements for placements, student orientation, roles and responsibilities for students, faculty and staff, and site facilities.

Students upon recommendation by an academic institution.

A faculty member/placement coordinator at an academic institution should contact the Student Practice Education office in Learning & Development. Individual students should not contact a unit or staff member directly to inquire about placements opportunities; doing so will only delay the time it takes for the request to be processed.

For more information, visit the Student Practice website.