The next Take Our Kids to Work Day will take place on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018


Take Our Kids to Work Day is a national day where Grade 9 students may be excused from school to attend work with their parent or legal guardian – a day to see what their parents/legal guardians do, what responsibilities they have, and get a sense of future career options.

For liability reasons, the child must be the child or legal charge of a VCH employee or a physician with VCH privileges (see the Parent Guide in the package for more details).  In addition, due to the nature of our work, the experience is observational only.  Parents/legal guardians may not bring a friend’s, relatives’, or neighbour’s child to work.

We recognize that not all areas of our organization are appropriate for this learning experience.  Participation in this experience is optional.  It is up to individual Sites, Departments, Programs, and/or Units to decide whether employees and physicians would be allowed to bring their child/charge to work that day.  Some areas of practice are not appropriate for this experience.  We must ensure we protect the privacy of our patients/clients, maintain confidentiality, and keep all involved safe.  Check with your site manager as to whether your area is participating and, if so, how.

If your area is participating, print all the attached documents and follow the instructions in the Take Our Kids to Work Day Parent Guide:

Take Our Kids to Work Day Package
Take Our Kids to Work Day Manager Form