VCH Orientation provides new employees with a warm welcome to the organization, their workplace, and position. Helping to develop the best workforce, Orientation establishes a positive and inspiring sense of employee culture, provides information necessary to begin your career at VCH, and facilitates a connection to resources.  We emphasize the employee’s valuable contribution to achieving our quality health care delivery and patient safety objectives.


VCH Orientation Online contains all the mandatory online content and courses for new employees to VCH. Some content must be completed before starting work, other content within the first month of hire. To increase relevancy to new hires, the site is organized into two streams:  Point of Care Staff and Non-Point of Care Staff. Recruitment provides the applicable Learning Hub link in the new hire ‘Welcome email’.

To view the site:

Visit VCH Onboarding Orientation

To complete the course work, please sign into Learning Hub via one of these links: Point of Care Staff or Non-Point of Care Staff

VCH Orientation Online includes content related to:

  • Respectful Workplace
  • Privacy & Confidentiality (Confidentiality Undertaking for VCH Employees)
  • MSI Prevention
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Online Curriculum*
  • Worker Safety and Patient Safety (PSLS)
  • Workplace Hazards (WHMIS)
  • Emergency response
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Waste Management

For a complete overview of curriculum, associated learning intentions, and carry-over to site orientation, click here: VCH Orientation Online Curriculum Summary

VCH Orientation involves classroom-based learning building on the basic information provided in VCH Orientation Online. This portion of VCH orientation aims at providing essential knowledge required to prepare new employees for specific duties within their role and for helping employees understand their role within the broader context of the organization towards patient-centered care.

Program Eligibility

VCH Orientation is for all new VCH employees, this includes:

  1. All new hires (please note, students are not eligible to attend)
  2. Any VCH employee who has been away from work for greater than 18 months
  3. Any VCH employee who is changing positions and requires specific sessions applicable to their new role (e.g. moving from a non-clinical role to a clinical role OR from student nurse to registered nurse)

For a complete overview of curriculum, associated learning intentions, and carry-over to site orientation, click here: VCH Orientation Classroom Curriculum Summary

This training is provided as per job requirements and may not be applicable to all new hires.

Program Eligibility

All new hires (as applicable)

For more information, click below:

Clinical Computer Systems (on my.vch.ca intranet)

The purpose of this orientation is to familiarize new hires with their work area and their role expectations. Content covered at this stage is based on the individual new hire’s learning needs and also includes orientation to the physical set up, work environment, culture and safety systems at the unit/department level.

The New Hire OH&S Checklist should be completed during unit/department orientation. The checklist contains links to the relevant online resources for those sections, as well as indicates the components of the physical tour that need to be reviewed. Each new staff member and their immediate supervisor are required to complete this Orientation Checklist before working independently in the area.

Visit the Workplace Health page for more information.

New Employees may need to complete other online modules and/or in-person training as per their educator/manager. Further recommended learning for new Point of Care staff can be found here:

LHUB Courses you can use! 

Program Eligibility

All new hires (as applicable).

Program Updates

For Educators: Curriculum Overview

For a detailed outline of the VCH Orientation sessions, the learning intentions and the content covered, we encourage educators and other facilitators to visit the VCH Orientation page on the For Educators Only (FEO) Sharepoint. This site contains a summary of the content covered during orientation and also houses the documents used by facilitators to run sessions. This site is only accessible from computers at VCH sites:

Visit FEO Site (accessible from VCH computers only)

Curriculum Review Committee

The VCH Orientation program has a standing Curriculum Review Committee to support the integrity of the program so that the curriculum is aligned with Accreditation Canada standards, BC Ministry of Health priorities, and the People First values set out by Vancouver Coastal Health and is implemented according to learner-centred educational principles.

One function of this committee is to review and respond to requests for new content to be added to curriculum. If you have proposed new or revised content for VCH Orientation (either online or classroom), please complete this form (VCH Orientation Request Form) and submit to: VCHOrientation@vch.ca